Turning 65 Medicare Insurance

Part C

Medicare Advantage

Now, moving through Medicare’s menu of options, we have Medicare Part C, also know as Medicare Advantage. This is basically Medicare’s “combo platter”, in that it combines all of your benefits into one neat package with one ID card. With your Medicare Advantage plan (Part C) you get:

But wait! There’s more! Some of these plans have extra perks like:

Now that is quite the combo….hence the name Medicare Advantage. For most folks, you are eligible to enroll into a Medicare Advantage plan when you first turn 65, or once a year during the “Annual Election Period”. You will continue to pay your Medicare Part B premiums.

Medicare Advantage plans are offered by private insurance companies, and not all plans are available in all states or counties. They come with deductibles and co-pays, which will be your responsibility. Medigap policies cannot cover these charges.

When you choose a plan, make sure that your doctor is in the plan’s network, if seeing a particular doctor is important to you.

So, this is Medicare Advantage at a glance. Want to know more? Visit www.Medicare.gov or give us a call at 803-665-5263.

Understanding Part C (Medicare Advantage)

Now, this next video is a brief description of Medicare Part C, also known as Medicare Advantage. They call it Medicare Advantage because many times it can offer more benefits than Original Medicare. With a Medicare advantage plan, you get your Part A hospital insurance, your Part B medical insurance, and many times your Part D prescription drug coverage. Sometimes these plans will also cover eye glasses, dental, and even your gym memberships! All of this with just one plan ID card.

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