Turning 65 Medicare Insurance


An Informed Client is a Happy Client

When Jane Muldrow established Turning65.org in 2010, it wasn’t a casual event. It was a deliberate extension of what she was already doing….sending out newsletters. When she first started in the Medicare market 20 years earlier in 1999, she picked up on a couple of extremely important concepts which she instantly adopted:

Jane has developed quite a following throughout the years, a flock of very loyal clients.

She credits the newsletters and referrals for that. In 2005, when the drug card (Part D) was first introduced, she personally sat down with over 300 clients to guide them through the process.

Folks on Medicare simply want to make sure that they understand the coverage that they are enrolling in, and that they are paying a fair price. Period.

Turning65.org is basically the online version of those newsletters and a collection of the questions that she has been asked over the years. Turning65.org is not a “price quoting machine” or a site that gathers your name to sell it to 50 other agents. They simply take confused shoppers and turn them into lifelong clients. When you call them, you will get Jane, personally, or one of those “really smart people.”

Welcome aboard.


Image of the free tote you will receive with your free Medicare Insurance consultation.