Turning 65 Medicare Insurance

Parts A & B

Original Medicare

Well, yippee!! Your Medicare card has just arrived in the mail from Uncle Sam (the federal government.)

For most, that means that you are approaching your 65th birthday and you have become automatically eligible and automatically enrolled into Medicare Parts A and B. This is called “Original Medicare.”

Let’s take a moment to talk about these two parts.

Medicare Part A, sometimes called hospital insurance, helps pay for:

Most of the time, if you (or your spouse) have worked and paid into Social Security for at least 10 years, then you pay nothing for Part A…not anything…zilch. Otherwise, you will have to actively enroll yourself, and you may have to pay a monthly premium.

Medicare Part B, sometimes called medical insurance, helps pay for:

Medicare Part B, if you want it, comes with a monthly premium, which most people have deducted straight from their social security checks. Remember, Medicare Parts A and B won’t cover ALL of the costs of your hospital and medical services. You will be responsible deductibles and co-insurance (co-pays). You can buy a Medicare Supplement to cover these deductibles and co-pays.

Well, that is Medicare Parts A and B in a nutshell. Have more questions? Visit www.Medicare.gov or give us a call at 803-665-5263.

Guide to Medicare Parts A & B

This video is a brief look at the two parts of Original Medicare: Parts A and B.

Medicare Part A is your hospital insurance.  It covers your room and board when you spend the night in the hospital.  While there it also covers the doctor visits and tests. For most folks Part A starts when you turn 65 and is offered at no charge.

Medicare Part B (your medical coverage) covers doctors office visits, x-rays, diabetic supplies, mammograms, and about a million other services.  There is a charge for Part B.

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